Transylvania or bust!

Preparations for Dracula are in full swing.  We're planning a spine-chilling retelling of this classic novel in the late spring of 2016 and we're feverishly filling in funding application forms and getting our teeth into pre-production research.

Even setting aside the prevalence of wolves and incisors, Dracula explores the issues of xenophobia and sexual oppression which have a tendency to suck the life blood out of communities.    It's also breathlessly entertaining.

As always Applecart is determined to create an experience which magnifies the claustrophobic environment of the story and we're presently investigating the possibility of performing in Victorian tunnels running beneath the bustle of modern-day London. 

We're hoping to project onto the brick walls as part of the show, so we're sending a small film crew off to Transylvania to get authentic footage.

We're busting a gut to make the show a fantastic experience that you won't forget!

Bran Castle.jpg
Posted on August 26, 2015 .