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Poverty: the human face

A new documentary series examining the plight of Britain's poor.

Applecart are currently in pre-production for a series of fly-on-the-wall documentaries following some of the most disadvantaged in UK society.

The series will examine various aspects of hardship including people dealing with child poverty, low incomes, youth unemployment, rural deprivation, pensions, asylum and disability.

We'll be training young adults to make and edit the films as part of our community development work.


verb: ignite; 3rd person present: ignites; past tense: ignited; past participle: ignited; gerund or present participle: igniting

  1. catch fire or cause to catch fire.
  2. arouse or inflame (an emotion or situation).

Although Applecart has its root in live storytelling and performance, Applecart produces quality resources that enable groups and individuals to explore meaning at the deepest level. Through different media we inspire, engage and entertain in the hope of igniting our audience.

We offer:

  • Online videos ready to watch
  • A collection of DVD’s
  • Music made by Applecart