The Last Woman Standing – Questions for Conversation

There has been much conversation already about this film. Some have accused it of ‘church bashing’, which is unhelpful in the context of an already struggling and disillusioned movement. Others have welcomed the challenge to consider what ‘action’ might mean for ourselves and our communities, whether faith based or not.

Maybe the starting point is to have a conversation about how we initially respond to the film. How did it make us feel? Consider what it is about ourselves that make us feel that way.

If, after that, you still have time and energy you might like to talk about the following (in no particular order)

1.  Is it the "doing something" that is more important than the effectiveness of what is done?  If the woman gains no media or press coverage, is largely ignored and has no effect on policy decisions, was it still the "right" thing to do.

 2.  What might a conversation with her husband and children be like?  They are some of the "others" she is called to love... has she failed in her responsibility of love to them?  (especially...given her age...if we assume she has teenage children...for whom "being there" doesn't appear essential but in reality is) 

3.  How did the sacrifice of those who'd stayed a while weigh in the it heavily discounted because they put down their cross too soon? 

4.  One definition of worship is that it is a sacrifice of praise to God for God's own sake. So what should the link be between people offering the sacrifice of worship inside the building and the woman who is making her own sacrifice in the tent.....

 5.  We seem proud when theological students make political protest and even end up in Court.....but how would the Church really respond if its ordained ministers started to appear in magistrates' courts regularly for breaching the peace?

 6.  How do we interpret the milk and butane gas....doing what you can.... or a cop out?