Songs from the Applecart

Applecart began by performing a newly devised storytelling performance every month in a room above a pub in the heart of London’s East End.  All in all after three years of shows, 21 hours of performance material was collated and from that sprung thirty original songs.

Songs from the Applecart is an album of twelve of these songs. All of them composed and performed by Peter Moreton and recorded in Pentire Studios in Cornwall.

‘Weaving between moving ballads, stirring anthems, full blown blues & feel good jazz, this album will keep you company for a long time. Lyrics that matter and melodies that sing’

Written by: Peter Moreton
Performed by: Peter Moreton
Recorded & produced by: Benedick Grant, Magus Technical Service

Mark: Chapter 2, Verses 1-12

When the Crowd Gatherer tells the paraplegic who has been lowered through the roof that the distance between him and Law never really existed, the Gerblers of the Law question his authority. ‘Only Iam can say such things!’ they declare. The Crowd Gatherer asks whether it’s easier for him to say that ‘The distance is closed’ or to relieve the man of his paralysis, and to prove the point he tells the paraplegic to lift up his stretcher and walk out the door.

Matthew: Chapter 4, Verses 12-17

When the Crowd Gatherer returns from the Wildlands he hears of the arrest of his cousin Yochanan and he runs to the Northern Territories. There was an Old Wine Story that said there would be a beacon of light that would shine for the people in the Northern Territories who lived under a great shadow.  The Crowd Gatherer begins to tell people that the Realm is already here; that they need to change the way they think.

John: Chapter 4, Verses 7-26

The Crowd Gatherer breaks the law by speaking to a woman who remembers different old wine stories. He asks her to draw him water from the communal well and when she expresses her surprise he tells her that he could give her water that would refresh her over and over again. They talk about her life and how she has been passed between men. She’s astonished by how well the Crowd Gatherer already seems to know her. They talk about their different traditions and beliefs. He tells her that Iam isn’t tied by such things, but rather looks for people who truly love him.  She tells him that Iam’s child is coming and that he’ll tell people everything.  He tells her that he’s already there and talking to her by the well.

Mark: Chapters 11 to 14, Verse 42

The Crowd Gather has entered the City of Peace with the crowds cheering and waving branches. Even though he knows that they will have him killed, he has challenged the Religious Weights and the Gerblers of the Law, accusing them of holding, power, money and land more dear than the Iam. He predicts the fall of the temple and tells of the impending persecution of the people of the Disputed Lands. After a meal with the Echoes of the Ancient Clans he goes into an olive garden and asks those who walk with him the closest to keep watch while he spends the night talking with Iam.

Luke: Chapter 19, Verses 1-10

The Crowd Gatherer walks through the Walled City. He is not going to stop until he sees that a man has climbed a tree to see him. The Crowd Gatherer knows the man to be a collaborator with the Great Invader, but still he goes to the man’s home for a meal.  The collaborator promises he will defy the Great Invader and make amends to the people. Outside the crowd are angry because the Crowd Gatherer has spurned their city and eaten with a known collaborator, but the Crowd Gatherer rebukes them and reminds them that the collaborator is just as much a child of the ancients as they are. He tells them that Humanity’s Child is here to track down anyone who thinks they’re distant, and with them to begin the journey home.

Mark: Chapter 5, Verses 21-43

The Crowd Gatherer is called to the house of a respected Religious Weight. The man’s daughter is dying and by the time the Crowd Gatherer arrives at the house the women are weeping, believing the Crowd Gatherer has arrived too late. The Crowd Gatherer tells them all to stop making such a racket telling them that the girl is not dead but sleeping. They laugh at him but he sends them outside and then tells the girl to get up. The girl gets up and starts to walk around. The Crowd Gatherer tells her parents to keep what has happened secret and to give her something to eat.

Mark:  Chapter 5, Verses 1- 20

The Crowd Gatherer comes across a man who has been possessed by Press Gangers. In the past the towns folk had attempted to restrain him with chains and shackles, but now he roams the graveyard howling and self-harming. When the man sees the Crowd Gatherer he runs to him and shouts at him, ‘What are you going to do to me, Safety, Iam Child? Don’t torture me for Iam’s sake!’ The Crowd Gatherer asks the Press Gangers name and the Press Ganger says, ‘I am a whole army! Don’t send me out of the country, let me run into that battalion of filthy pigs!’ So the Press Gangers left the man and took over the two thousand pigs and ran them into the sea where they drowned. The pig owners ran into the town and told everyone what had happened. The Townsfolk came and asked the Crowd Gatherer to leave the town.  The man who’d been possessed asked to go with him, but the Crowd Gatherer told him to stay in the town and tell everyone what Iam had done for him.

Isaiah: Chapter 5, Verses 1 - 6
Mark: Chapter 12, Verses 1 – 10

The Crowd Gatherer starts to tell the well-known old wine story of a vineyard owner, only to alter the traditional tale and instead tell of the vineyard owner sending messengers to collect his profits only for them to be beaten away by the vineyard’s tenants. In the end the owner sends his own son to collect his profits, but the tenants beat him to death. The Crowd Gatherer points out that if such a thing happened, then the vineyard owner would come to the vineyard himself and destroy the tenants and give the vineyard to other people.

Mark: Chapter 12, Verses 38 - 40

The Crowd Gatherer attacks the Gerblers of the Law and tells everyone to beware of them walking around in long robes in order to look important and to be treated with reverence and respect. They sit in the fancy chairs in the temple and go to big corporate and government dinners. They take money from the poor old ladies and for the sake of appearances they spin out long complicated conversations with Iam. Shame on them!

Mark: 1, Verses 32 – 34

In the evening at sunset the people bring Crowd Gatherer everyone who was ill or held by Press Gangers.  The whole city gathered round the door of the place where the Crowd Gatherer was staying and he made people well and freed people from the Press Gangers who held them.  He wouldn’t let the Press Gangers speakers and they did what he said because they knew who he was. 

Matthew: 5, Verses 1 – 12

The Crowd Gatherer tells those who walk with him who the realm is for.  He tells them the Realm is for the poor, the sad, the humble, the hungry and the thirsty, the merciful, the pacifiers and the persecuted.

Luke: 16 10 - 13

The Crowd Gatherer condemns the Religious Weights and the Gerblers of the Law telling them that they can’t desire money and love Iam at the same time.