i am Mark

The pace of this production is unrelenting. Two-and-a-half hours fly by, leaving you both challenged and entertained... Compelling production.
— Henry Austin, The London Economic, 2014

Commanding demons and controlling storms, a lone man walks out of the desert and, gathering a nation around him, he walks towards certain death in an occupied land. Ridding the tale of two thousand years of religious baggage, Applecart presents Mark’s Gospel combining drama, storytelling, music, and film to tell a story of revolution and courage.

‘i am Mark’ is an epic telling of Mark’s Gospel. Offering an alternative to the Globe Mysteries and the Radio 4 ‘Reading’s’ series, Applecart presents the story with fresh language for a modern audience.

Applecart’s creative team is headed up by Peter Moreton and Phil Summers. Peter has extensive experience as an actor having performed with companies such as Chichester Festival Theatre, Cheek by Jowl, RSC, Propeller and the National Theatre, and Phil has over twenty years’ experience as a storyteller having trained in improvisation under John Hodgson at Bretton Hall. Applecart’s unique style of performance has attracted capacity audiences at festivals, universities and conferences around the country. Their unique brand of storytelling and drama is both, theatrical and disarming, sometimes funny and often deeply moving.

Devised by: Peter Moreton & Phil Summers

Directed by: Peter Moreton

Composer/Music Director: Peter Moreton

Cast:  Phil Summers, Abigail Parmenter, Annabel Annan-Jonathan, Timothy Bond, Peter Moreton

Stage Manager: Angela Garrick

They sit around a tiny stage with a keyboard and a beautiful backdrop, and wait for magic to be spun... The magic comes from Applecart - rich, poetic, witty and brand new performance. What I had not expected was that I would still be thinking about what I had heard a day, a week, then a month later. Is it deeply enriching? You bet your life!
— Peter Graystone, Greenbelt Performing Arts, 2010
The audience figures were very good, particularly as this show represented something of a departure from our usual programming... The show attracted a lot of people who had not visited the Theatre before!
— Andrew Jemmett, Arena Theatre, Woverhampton

All of our previous productions are available to book. Contact us to find out more and to check availabilities

The Chimes

There are goblins in the bells and tripe for dinner in this festive fireside presentation of Charles Dickens’ classic New Year’s Tale. Applecart’s retelling of The Chimes gives audiences an opportunity to hear one of Dickens’ lesser known stories, often overshadowed by A Christmas Carol but just as haunted by poverty and prophetic dreams.

Applecart premiered The Chimes to a capacity audience at the Winter Shuffle Festival in 2013. The performance lasts approximately 45 minutes and can be booked for festivals, theatres, pubs, and community halls.

The Life, Death & Disappearance of the Crowd Gatherer

“..so the collaborator got up from his desk left his computer behind him and walked with the Crowd Gatherer.”

One man challenges a downtrodden community to rethink their values. Is he calling them to rise up and challenge the oppressors who rule over them? Is he asking them to reject the traditions of the ancients? Is his arrogance rooted in insanity or worse, is he controlled by ‘Lord Storm’ himself?

As the Crowd Gatherer refuses to back down in the face of political and traditional authority his death draws nearer with each story he tells.

“He talked to them using stories and riddles, he never said a word without them.”

The Life, Death and Disappearance of the Crowd Gatherer is a modern retelling of the incredible story known as Mark’s Gospel. With delightfully refreshing language this storytelling epic rescues the narrative from the religious putting it firmly in a political context.

The great thing is that not only have Applecart translated the Bible into the English language, many have done that before and it remains elusively inaccessible, they have translated the concepts into contemporary thinking
— Ilkley Literary Festival Fringe

Narrated by Phil Summers who is Applecart’s resident storyteller. Because of the improvised nature of the performance there is no rigid text laid down. This means that the show is flexible in terms of both time and content. The narrative remains the same but the way of telling can change making The Life Death and Disappearance of the Crowd Gatherer suitable for the environment you need it to be performed in


adjective: live

  1. not dead or inanimate; living.
  2. relating to a musical performance given in concert, not on a recording.
  3. (of a broadcast) transmitted at the time of occurrence, not from a recording. of, containing, or using undetonated explosive.

Applecart produces live theatre shows touring nationally attracting a diverse and mixed audience. Applecart also do site specific performances where the story of the place is as important as the story itself. Falling in line with Applecart’s core mission we create productions that will open your eyes to stories you never thought you’d hear.