The Tale of the Puffins and the Moles

Circumcision which the Applecart Team raise a thorny issue!


Don't patch with unshrunk cloth, obviously.

I am Mark epk 2013

Applecart's epic telling of Mark's Gospel.

Christmas Penguin

... in which the Applecart Team reflect upon the commercialisation of Christmas!

Beatitudes which the Applecart Team contemplate the consequences of being both rich and poor!

Poor People – The Factual Facts which the Applecart Team reveal all the actual true things about poverty!

Applecart’s Interrogation which the Applecart Team imagine a beheading!

Applecart's "Gabriel's Visit" ITN Film Entry which the Applecart Team imagine a supernatural encounter in a kitchen in Bethnal Green

Donkey which the Applecart Team try and get their hands on someone's ass!

The Collector which the Applecart Team contemplate the nature of rarity!

Lost Sheep

Authority which the Applecart Team imagine the Religious Weights wrestling with a thorny problem!

verb: ignite; 3rd person present: ignites; past tense: ignited; past participle: ignited; gerund or present participle: igniting

  1. catch fire or cause to catch fire.
  2. arouse or inflame (an emotion or situation).

Although Applecart has its root in live storytelling and performance, Applecart produces quality resources that enable groups and individuals to explore meaning at the deepest level. Through different media we inspire, engage and entertain in the hope of igniting our audience.

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